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Onze Wilde Zalm Uit Alaska

zalm met citroenen

Kwik’pak Fisheries welcomes you to try the finest salmon in the world, Wild Yukon River salmon.

This is definitely Alaska’s best kept secret. Because of their extraordinary qualities, these fish truly belong in a class of their own.


What makes our Yukon River Keta salmon different?

Yukon River Keta salmon travel great distances from the Bering Sea to their spawning grounds, in some cases over 2000 miles. These Keta are “genetically programmed” to store oil for this rigorous journey. For the consumer, this translates into the succulent, rich buttery flavor found only in Yukon River Keta salmon.

Yukon River Keta: Highest Omega-3 of any salmon.

Testing has shown Yukon River Keta salmon to have the highest Omega-3 content of any salmon or other seafood. Yukon River Keta salmon were found to contain up to 5.2g per 100g serving – the equivalent of 10 average potency fish oil capsules. The result – a fish that tastes better and is better for you. 

Higher oil content than many Kings.

Recent testing done by Bodycote Testing Group in Portland, Oregon, established that Yukon River Keta salmon have oil contents that range from 9-20% – that is equivalent to most kings from other areas of Alaska.

Quality standards

With careful harvesting, handling, bleeding and icing, Kwik’pak’s fisher men and women strive to preserve the Wild Yukon River Keta’s “just caught” quality and freshness. Within hours of catch, fish have been processed at Kwik’pak’s state of the art plant located in Emmonak, Alaska, near the mouth of the mighty Yukon and are ready for shipment to markets around the world.

The Great River

The Yukon River is the longest salmon river in the world originating from the remote Choda Glacier in British Columbia, crossing the state of Alaska and finally emptying into the Bering Sea some 2300 miles later. The Yukon provides the main “highway”, the primary route of transportation for this remote, roadless area of Alaska. During the winter months when the river is frozen over the area is accessible only by air.

verse Zalm

Highest quality at affordable pricing

Yukon River Keta salmon have 3-4 times higher oil content than any other keta, the highest Omega-3 of any salmon, rich red-orange meat color that rivals that of many sockeye, a rich flavor unique to only Yukon salmon and all at an affordable price.


Kwik’pak Fisheries realized in the spring of 2009 the importance of protecting the premium Yukon River Salmon’s name as well as the fact that consumers are increasingly concerned about the food they buy. Kwik’pak was the first wild salmon producer to join forces with Trace Register, the leading global food traceability company.

Today, this full supply chain traceability helps buyers and consumers trust that the fish they purchase is authentic Yukon River salmon. It also helps ensure that the Yupik Eskimo fishermen and women are getting a well

deserved premium for their superior salmon.

Sustainable Catch

All of Kwik’pak’s salmon come from a sustainable fishery that is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as well as Global Trust.The Yukon River runs are managed not only by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, but also

by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans. This partnership guarantees that our runs will be sustainable for generations to come.

The Yupik people

It is believed the the Yupik people in this area are the oldest inhabitants of North America, having crossed the Bering land bridge from Siberia over 10,000 years ago. Fishing has been the lifeblood of the Lower Yukon and salmon are revered as a most precious resource. The village residents depend on subsistence fishing for their personal use and commercial fishing for badly needed income.

Why Yukon River Keta salmon is the right market choice.

• Highest Omega-3 of any salmon
• A good source of Vitamin D
• Excellent quality at affordable pricing
• Mouth-watering flavor
• Rich red-orange meat color
• Sustainable – MSC certified fishery
• Traceability through TraceRegister
• Unique Yukon story
• Support with POS materials

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