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The Meat Market

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The Meat Market is a special importer; we stand for delicious meat and above all for honest meat.

We focus on the wellbeing of both humans and animals.
The cattle that provide the meat are of exceptional quality, unique, tender and special in its kind.

We are introducing a carefully selected variety, the "Natures Reserve Finest".

It is a new product in Europe, originally from Namibia. The unique taste and texture make the beef tender and juicy.

Trained Animal Welfare Officers assess the cattle for tenderness, taste and quality based on strict criteria.

Only the very best varieties are eligible to be branded "Natures Reserve Finest".

To produce this particular breed of cattle, the stronger European breeds (Simmental and Limousin) are crossed with African breeds (Brahman, Afrikaner and Bonsmara), that are naturally resistant to the natural conditions of Namibia.

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Botswana koe.jpg

Animal welfare is a big part of the taste sensation of each individual meat product.

It is of great importance that the cattle are treated with care and spend as much time as possible in their natural habitat.


The cattle from Namibia spend their lives eating fresh grass and plants.


The responsible farmers who keep "Natures Reserve Finest" cattle are affiliated with “FAN” (Farm Assured Namibian Meat”).

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