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Since 2013

The Meat Market has stood for passion for delicious and honest meat. In addition to high quality, the wellbeing of both humans and animals is our core focus.

Since 2013, The Meat Market B.V. (TMM) has been a trendsetter in the Netherlands in the field of high quality beef from Namibia.

Today, TMM exports large volumes to customers spread throughout Europe.

TMM started selling to butchers, and Dutch consumers were introduced to the product.

The extreme tenderness of the beef began to make a name for itself throughout Europe and led to the company’s expansion in 2014.

As volumes increased, TMM decided in 2015 to focus on sales to Cash & Carries.


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Floris de Groot
Helmer Scholte

Owner / Purchase Director


+31 6 18538171

Ben de Bruyn

Owner / Sales Director


+31 6 43201602

Robert Lück
Chris van der Hoek

The Meat Market B.V.

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